Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cheers! Here's to being laid off!

My alternate title for this post was "The  Beverly Hillbilly Goes Business Class on a Swiss Airbus A330-300".  It's not that I haven't flown first/business class before but I forgot how much fun it is to be treated like a queen by an airline.  Not 5 minutes after boarding I had a glass of champagne in my hand and a bag of goodies beside me.

The goodies consist of socks, ear plugs, eye errr mask?, toothbrush/paste.  Not that exciting really.  This is Swiss Airlines - where are my Chocolates?  (Whew I found them at the end of dinner)

So the seat - yep it's good.  There's a button for "Mood light" - erm what exactly do they expect people to get in the mood for on a plane? (We'll call that a rhetorical question.)  There is lumbar support - 4 buttons for just, out, up, down.  There's a button for the leg rest.  Is the seat too hard or too soft for you Goldilocks?  No worries, they've thought of that too.  It's like a "Sleep Number" seat.  Mustn't forget the bed button - these puppies lie flat!  Those are all wonderful features but I think my favorite has to be the massage button!  Yes it's true...massage on a plane - I like it!

I've never disliked airline food.  I realize it has a bad reputation but I've never had a bad meal.  They brought me a menu for my dinner of many courses.  I started with a Seasonal salad with balsamic vinaigrette (Why does that sound so classy, when normally I don't even like salad!) followed by my choice for main course which is Fillet of beef with cress butter, potato, and  basil gratin sauteed mushrooms. (What the hell is cress butter?  Oh well, see above re salad).  The beef was followed by two different cheeses, with bread (that had walnuts in it -yum) and non-salted butter.   All accompanied by another glass of champagne.  Dessert was a wonderful Chocolate, pistachio and hazelnut mousse.  To top it all off, tea and Swiss chocolates. 
Dinner was delicious.  I watched a movie while I ate.  It's almost time for a sleep.  I've tested out the massage action of my seat and yep it works just fine!

At this point we're 1 hour and 39 minutes from Zurich.  Yep I have a third leg after this.  No biggie though, it's a short flight. Margaret should have just landed in Paris.  We unfortunately didn't end up on the same flights, let alone airlines, but we did happen to be connecting in Montreal at the same time so we saw each other for a few minutes.  I haven't napped (par for the course with me when I have a head-cold like I do) but hopefully she has had better luck.  Once we get to the apartment I think we'll both try to get a little shut-eye before we venture out.

~ L

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Paulita said...

That sounds heavenly. I plan to save all my pennies so next time I go overseas I can fly business class.