Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just Some of the Things I Miss

  • Going for walks every single day!  Always something to see!  Interesting people, beautiful buildings/churches.
  • Sitting outside at a cafe for a cup of expensive tea.  Worth every centime!  (I  certainly didn't go to a cafe just for tea every day at the very inflated prices, but when I did treat myself I'd spend at least an hour or more relaxing.  Waiters don't bother you. The table is yours until you get up to leave.)
  • The ringing of the bells from Saint-Merri Church. I'd hear them every hour when I was in my apartment as the church was right around the corner.  I kick myself
    now for never going into that church to visit.  I read recently that it contains the oldest church bell in Paris dated from 1331.
  • Grabbing a crepe from a street vendor - although the choices are numerous including with a layer of Nutella, I preffered mine sprinkled with sugar or with a thick layer of creme de maron (chestnuts).
  • H&M - We don't have any where I live.
  • Promod - Cute clothes at great prices
  • Pylones - They have the cutest gadgets ever!
  • Cafe Oz (Chatelet) - Go there on a Saturday night when everyone dances on the tables until closing at 6am.
  • Discovering new (to me) french singers.  Joyce Jonathan and Zaz are two that stand out.  I bought Zaz's CD while in Paris and have listened to it a lot since I got home!
  • France24 and NRJ - (France24 is a French news station but in the English language.  NRJ is an all music video tv station.)  Hey, when that's all you have to watch you become attached.  I'm actually putting together my own CD of various songs that were played on NRJ.
  • 100%mag - a daily French tv show with short stories - therefore easy to follow.  I watched this every day!
  • This is not something I miss exactly, but I followed very closely the rescue of the 33 miners in Chile.  A story with a fairy tale ending.  An ending that could have gone so badly but ended wonderfully!
  • My Saturday morning routine.  After breakfast I'd walk to Baudoyer Market.  I'd buy a (cooked) chicken and a bunch of flowers.  Then back to the apartment to take the still warm chicken off the bone and make my chicken-rice soup.  I'd eat my soup either for lunch or dinner depending what plans I had that day.
~ L

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Andi said...

I have been back from France almost 4 years now and I miss just as many things! Great list.