Saturday, October 2, 2010

Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens…

Just a few of my favorite things:

Paris on a budget?  I buy a cooked rotisserie chicken at the market and make delicious chicken soup.  There is sea salt and Herbes de Provence at the apartment already, so with the cost of the chicken and some rice I can make 3-4 meals for about 2.15 Euros per meal.  Eat with a hunk of baguette and yum!

Found these shoes for 19 Euros. Real leather and I’m so glad I bought them. They’ve turned out to be the most comfortable shoes I have with me.  Cobblestones are hell on feet!

Wonderful spreadable cheese I have with baguette every day.  Delicious!  The yogurt here is really really good – better than at home but I’m not sure why.  Dark chocolate mousse right from the dairy section of the grocery store.  Amazing!

Treated myself to this little bijou when I was in Krakow.  Love it!

People I’ve met.  Margaret’s sister and cousin.  Her sister doesn’t speak English so there was a little language barrier but we worked it out.  Margaret’s cousin speaks very well in English.

Seen on the window of a shop. Cute!

~ L


Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

What a great post! Yes, we had rain in Paris too - and the raindrops were in Monet's garden in Giverny. But one woman's budget meal is another woman's feast - and that meal you've made looks yummy. Wait - let me get my spoon! Yes, cobblestones are hell on the feet. I had comfortable shoes but wished I bought a second pair to change it up - my second pair was a pair a heels for the evening which were comfortable too but would never had gone the distance on cobblestones.

Can't wait to catch up on your blog posts now that I am back from Paris and have to read what others are posting. And look forward to more of your posts!

Cynthia said...

Now I see the Pandora ring - aha! This was before I was addicted to Pandora.

Lovely ring!