Thursday, August 12, 2010


Over the last year I've done a lot of reading about Paris and France in general.  Book-wise I've read what would be considered travel literature.  It's been interesting to learn the dos and dont's of the culture from a newbie perspective.  It also helped me focus on something other than losing my job.

Here are a few of my favorites:

C'est la Vie by Suzy Gershman

The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz

A Town Like Paris by Bryce Corbett

I've also spent a lot of time reading blogs written by expats living in Paris.  It's been a great way to find out about where to shop, where to eat etc.

This is by no means the complete list of the blogs I follow:

A Year of Change  - Gina writes about her family's adventures when her husband's job takes them to Paris for what was supposed to be a year's stay.  What started out as the blog of a stranger, Gina and I have become friends.  :)

An American at Home in Paris

Colleen's Paris Blog

I Prefer Paris

Peter's Paris

Secret's of Paris

HiP Paris Blog

From all my research I've started a notebook.  I have sections on shopping, restaurants and to do's.  Within each section I will be organizing by arrondissement (neighborhood).  At least that's the plan.  I have a ton of bookmarks on my computer as well, which I have to go through.  Hey, gives me something to do before the trip n'est ce pas!


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Diane said...

Linda, I just found your blog through Gina Johnson's about her Paris adventure. I am looking forward to hearing about your time in the City of Light. I wanted to recommend Lisa Taylor Huff's blog, "The Bold Soul," as another one to read that talks about life in Paris as an expat. She moved there to live for a year or so (her dream), then met her husband and is there permanently. She has a lot of insights to share.